Recent Before & After Photos

Downtown Apartment Building

This downtown Apartment building saw a little more perspiration than expected one evening. A radiant heat line burst resulting in water pouring out of a 5th flo... READ MORE

Pipe Burst in Ceiling

We received a call when a sprinkler head burst in a retail store. The water had broken through the ceiling tiles resulting in damaged retail products, a soaked ... READ MORE

Clean Up

When a business is struggling for a long period of time it is not uncommon (although it is illegal) for the tenants to pull a "midnight move". This entails the ... READ MORE

Like it Never Even Happened!

SERVPRO of Richmond Hill understands that even a minor interruption to regular business can have long lasting effects. In this job, the business owners started ... READ MORE

Toilet Leak

These Home homeowners were in for quite the surprise when they came home. Their upstairs toilet line leaked and eventually burst causing water to absolutely dev... READ MORE

Repairing our Damage

Here at SERVPRO of Richmond Hill we always strive to repair your damaged property back to its original state, "Like it never even happened." After this water ev... READ MORE

Winter Storm Damage

The long and cold winters are not only hard on us, they can be hard on your home too. This is an instance of Ice Damming, which is a result of snow melting and ... READ MORE

Heavy Rainfall Damages Basement

Having proper drainage around your home is essential to mitigating the risk of water damage to your property. Heavy rainfall resulted in water pooling up around... READ MORE

Ice Damage

Cold snaps can cause ice to quickly melt and refreeze. When ice is blocking a drainage system, such as a rain gutter, the water can build up behind the drain an... READ MORE

Flooded Basement storm damage

When a major storm hit the excess water resulted in a sewer backup and this basement filled up with dirty water. Water can be placed into three categories. Cate... READ MORE