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Fire damage is traumatic for every business and Residential

10/12/2020 (Permalink)

Fire Damage in the rental unit in Mississauga Fire Damage in the rental unit in Mississauga

Fire damage is traumatic and devastating for every commercial and residential location, requiring a quick response to save your belongings.

SERVPRO of Richmond Hill's FSRT certified team of professionals know exactly how to respond to fire situations in your home or place of business and can manage the aftermath of cleanup and restoration and reduce the construction rebuild cost after.

Fire and soot can cause damage in different way:

  • Hidden damage and odours due to smoke penetration
  • Swelling, buckling and warping of appliances, countertops and more
  • Damage to paint, carpet, upholstery, clothing and other belongings

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Commercial and Residential Fire Damage Clean up and Restoration

10/12/2020 (Permalink)

Fire Damage in the rental unit west of Toronto Fire Damage clean up in the rental unit west of Toronto

Commercial and Residential Fire Damage

When you have Fire damage, the other elements can create harsh environments and further damage. Soot and fire residues can leak toxic chemicals into the air and continue to penetrate away at the surface materials. Removing these elements can be completed quickly and harmlessly without need for special waste removal, or toxic chemicals. SERVPRO of Richmond Hill expert and professional cleaning products helps to prevent the additional cost during the construction

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Before the Professionals Arrive

11/26/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO is here to help you We are here to help you

Here are some things to do after a fire, before professionals start the restoration process:

Limit activity and foot traffic in your home. Staying off of carpet, furniture, and upholstery is key to preventing soot, dirt, and other particles from getting trapped all around your home.

If you do need to get around your home quite a bit, put down clean towels or sheets on the floor and furniture.

If possible, change filters in your home to keep dirt and soot from circulating.

Don’t try to wash the walls or carpet — leave that for the professionals to avoid permanent damage.

Don’t try to clean kitchen appliances yourself. After a fire, electrical connections and wiring may be damaged and could cause further problems if not cleaned carefully and correctly.

Don’t eat any food that may have been exposed to the fire and smoke.

What to Expect After a Fire

11/21/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage before Clean up Fire Damage in the townhouse before Clean up started

What to Expect After a Fire

A fire in your home can cause serious damage. Your home and many of the things in your home may be badly damaged by flames, heat, smoke and water. You will find things not damaged by the fire may still be ruined by smoke and may be soggy with water used to put out the fire. Anything you want to save or reuse will need to be carefully cleaned. To fight the fire, firefighters may have broken windows and cut holes in the roof. This slows the fire’s growth and gets rid of dark smoke that makes it hard for firefighters to see. They may have cut holes in your walls to make sure that the fire is completely out and not hidden in the walls. It is important to understand the risk to your safety and health even after the fire is out. The soot and dirty water left behind may contain things that could make you sick. Be very careful if you go into your home and if you touch any fire-damaged items.

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Cooking Fires and How to Prevent them

11/6/2019 (Permalink)

Cooking Cooking caused fire in the apartment

Cooking Fires and How to Prevent Them

Cooking fires are the leading cause of home fires, and they’re responsible for almost half the injuries from home fires. Most kitchen fires involve the stove.

  • Be sure to turn the stove off.
  • Timers that notify you when the time is done can lend a major helping hand. Always use timers so that you don’t lose track of time.
  • paper, packaging, towels, oven mitts and wooden cooking are all flammable items and should be kept away from the stove.
  • Never pour water on a grease fire.
  • If you decide to fight a fire, smother it by turning off the burner and covering it with a metal or glass lid or pot. If you can’t extinguish the fire, leave the room, close the door and call 911.
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Smoke and Fire Damage

11/6/2019 (Permalink)

Soot on the ceiling Soot and smoke on the ceiling

Smoke and Fire Damage

Smoke damage doesn’t seem that bad on the surface. You may be assuming that you could probably use a household cleaner to get rid of any marks or stains. The dangers of smoke damage aren’t always about what is visible but what you can’t see. Smoke particles are very fine and have a knack for settling into the small cracks of your home. The burnt smell can linger in your home for a long period of time if not removed properly. In some instances, permanently. Also, the smoke particles can irritate your lungs and cause health problems if not cleaned up properly.

Respiratory issues are very much associated with improperly treated smoke damage. Knowing which areas of your home have been damaged by smoke can very difficult. This is the due to smoke particles being very fine, which can be invisible to the naked eye. With every breath you take, you may be inhaling soot and smoke particles. They contain toxic elements that can severely damage your lungs. You may notice that you are coughing or wheezing for no particular reason. Smoke exposure has even been linked to lung disease and other chronic lung conditions.

Eye irritation can also be a result of smoke exposure. Fine smoke particles can cause your eyes to feel a burning sensation. In some extreme cases the eyes can swell and it can affect your vision. Seek medical attention if this occurs.

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Smoke and Soot fires and how to prevent them and Clean them

10/31/2019 (Permalink)

Fire damage at the Rental Apartment in York Region, Ontario Fire damage Rental Apartment in North York

Smoking and Soot Fires and How to Prevent Them

Smoking is one of the leading causes of civilian home fire deaths. Smoking materials started fires that caused 21 percent of home fire deaths. One out of four victims was not the smoker whose cigarette ignited the fire.

  • If you smoke, do it outside. Many smoking fires begin in the bedroom or living room with fabric, paper, or other flammable material.
  • Use an ashtray. Don’t throw cigars or cigarettes into bushes or leaves.
  • Never leave e-cigarettes charging unattended or overnight. Replace batteries when they get wet or damaged. Don’t play with safety features.
  • Smoking where medical oxygen is used is very dangerous. It can make materials ignite more easily and fuel a faster and bigger fire.

Do what you can to prevent a fire.

  • Call SERVPRO of Richmond Hill at 416-912-1038 or 905-717-9279. Our professional trained crew and FSRT certified are available 24/7 to help you for your fire and soot clean up and restoration.

Electrical Fires and How to Prevent them from happening in commercial and residential spaces

10/31/2019 (Permalink)

Fires caused by battery chargers in the condominium unit in York University in York Region Fires caused by battery chargers in the in York University in York Region

Electrical Fires and How to Prevent Them

Electrical equipment and tools can also create hazards in the home and in the business. Wiring, lighting, electrical cords, and plugs cause about 10 percent of home fires each year.

  • Arc-fault circuit interrupters monitor a circuit’s electrical current and shut the circuit off if unintended arcing happens. An electrician can install them to protect against fire.
  • Don’t use light bulbs higher than the recommended wattage in lamps.
  • Unplug appliances when not in use.
  • Don’t run electrical cords in places where they could get run over or damaged.
  • Keep children away from electrical sockets.
  • Use lampshades or other covers to make sure a light bulb isn’t bare and radiating heat near flammable material.
  • Call an electrician if you have sparks from an outlet or frequently blown fuses.
  • Call SERVPRO of Richmond Hill for your Fire Damage Clean up and Restoration. we use out best products and technology with dry sponges to your satisfaction and cost saving
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